How people feel about globalization

The globalization process makes a lot of people think of their new problems and feel worried about humanity.
People haven’t been able to stop globalization yet. However, they try to control it and make it work better for citizens.
So people divided into two groups referring to globalization: supporters who consider globalization to be of vital importance, and their opponents, known as anti-globalists, whose ideas about globalization are not so optimistic, life-affirming, and positive.
Our life is changing fast because of dynamic economic, technology, and knowledge development. Anyway, globalization is a result of progress and development in many spheres of our life. It appreciates the world of money where finance definitely rules the reality.
Globalization is on rise, but it is not for the good of everyone. The process influences our life and makes differences in it for many reasons.
I view the globalization process negatively because of its many serious problems: human rights violation, genocide, and global warming. I support anti-globalists in their aims to encourage peaceful protest as the more productive way of getting attention and respect for their goals although occasionally protests do turn violent.

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